My Top 10 Releases of 2011

Posted: 12/16/2011 in Punk, Uncategorized


Here’s My top 10 release of 2011 list. First let me explain how I get my top 10 list every year. Its based on a few different factors; Recollection of what I remember liking alot throughout the year, and Itunes play count also based on when the release came out.  Obviously A release that just came out wouldn’t have as many plays as something that came out back in January. For example I can’t stop listening to the New Mighty Mighty Bosstones record but it came out like a week and a half ago so i didn’t add it for consideration for this year. And with all that being said as you can see above there’s my list. But I’m gonna type it out as well in case you can’t read my handwriting and also to link the bands to their pages so you can check them out. annnnnnd GO!

1. The Drowning Men “The Beheading of The Songbird”

2. Dropkick Murphys “Going Out In Style”

3. Big D & The Kids Table ” The Damned, The Dumb, & The Delirious”

4. Flogging Molly “Speed Of Darkness”

5. Mastodon “The Hunter”

6.Dwarves “Born Again”

7. Fitz & The Tantrums “Pickin Up The Pieces”

8. Have Nots “Proud”

9. Frank Turner “England Keep My Bones”

10. J. Mascis “Several Shades Of Why”


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