The Queers Live From Crowbar In Ybor City

Posted: 11/22/2011 in Punk

I went to check out The Queers on Sunday night at The Crowbar in Ybor City. I was totally expecting a busier show than it was but it was a Sunday Night. I was also expecting it to be a bunch of old crusty punks and although there were alot of guys like me the crowd had a pretty broad range of age. Which I was happy about seeing the Queers carrying on to new generations of Punk Kids. I missed The Caffiends, But got there in time to see Feral Babies, I loved these guys quick fast old school punk rock! Thats what its all about and these guys delivered! If you get a chance check them out and pick up a copy! Next up was a band from Riverside, CA called Knockout. They had a good mix of straight up punk and some impressive Ska. Then onto the Queers! Great set as always going from one song into another & another & another playing a good range of Queers classics. Above is one of the videos I was able to capture from the show. It’s the Queers covering Black Flag’s “White Minority” Enjoy! And A round of Tacos & Beer go out to Thx Mgmt for promoting the show and supporting kickass bands!


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