Video – Less Than Jake Live From Orlando Calling Festival

Posted: 11/13/2011 in Punk

I love Less Than Jake! Here’s a video clip of them doing “Does The Lion City Still Roar” from The Orlando Calling Festival. and a big SCREW YOU! goes out to Orlando Calling’s Merch co. for stopping Less Than Jake from selling a handful of $5 EP’s because they didn’t get a cut of the profits. Maybe they thought it would take away from those people buying $35 festival shirts. total Bullshit! Anyways, enjoy the clip and as always just a head’s up on my video clips. I shoot all my videos as a fan of these bands. and from the perspective as if you were there in the crowd checking out the band yourself. Also, Less Than Jake just released a new EP. If you can’t find it in your LOCAL INDEPENDENT Record Store, you can click here and buy it through Less Than Jakes page.


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