Review over Lunch: The Brains “Drunk Not Dead”

Posted: 11/09/2011 in Beer, Punk, Tacos

Over lunch today I was checking out the new disc from Psychobilly band The Brains called “Drunk Not Dead” and I gotta be honest as much as I like Pschobilly there’s times when more than 20 minutes or half hour is plenty. That’s why I love Warped Tour! every band gets 20 minutes. If their good, they leave you wanting more and will go check them out next time they tour in your area. If you hate them, then you only have to tolerate them for a few more minutes. These guys however are really good! from start to finish the disc reminded me of The Misfits style with some upright bass thrown in plus they had a few fast ones in there to pick up the pace. Nonetheless give them a shot! Their disc is out on Stomp Records out of Canada and if you’re ordering this one online definitely check out another band of theirs called The Planet Smashers. I absolutely love those guys! For lunch I had a soft chicken taco from Tijuana Flats and a PBR to wash it all down. It was like the perfect trifecta for lunchtime!


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